The Future of To-Do Lists

Most to-do apps are nothing more than digital versions of the paper lists we've been using for years. They don't help us become more productive, they just give us a new way to write things down.


Daily Agenda is different. It's the only app that automatically identifies and corrects the common mistakes we all make when trying to get things done. It's like having a personal assistant to keep you on track, every day.


What sets Daily Agenda apart?

There's never been an easier way to get your to-do list under control.

Prioritizes essential tasks

Daily Agenda analyzes your tasks to identify which are most important and which ones can be postponed. It then automatically ranks your list so you always focus on what truly matters.

Schedules a realistic workload

Daily Agenda learns your capacity for work over time. It then detects when you're overwhelmed and automatically adjusts your schedule to be more realistic and achievable.

Overcomes procrastination

Daily Agenda spots which tasks you're struggling with and provides techniques to help, such as breaking up larger tasks into smaller ones and helping you reconnect with your motivations.

Keeps your list tidy

Daily Agenda cleans up your list for you. It will find and remove duplicate tasks, automatically groups similar tasks together, and can handle dependencies that may be blocking progress.

Sends timely reminders

Daily Agenda keeps you aware of important deadlines. Stay updated with email summaries or interact with our chat bot to troubleshoot problems over text message.

Learns and evolves

As you use Daily Agenda, it becomes smarter and more personalized. It will offer suggestions on how to improve your productivity, and give you insights into your work patterns.

Stop struggling with a to-do list that doesn't work.

Get Daily Agenda and start becoming more productive, today.